We Fight.

August 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

IMG_0411As I was leaving an inner city park clinic,  I passed by two young boys playing by a dripping water fountain. I said hello to them and the older one immediately engaged me in conversation. “I am his uncle.  His father is my brother.” The boy told me he was 7, and his nephew told me he was 4. They both had brown tanned skin, dark straight hair and round eyes as black as coal. The younger boy was shuffling his feet in the sand, while the older one spiked up his hair with fountain water and spoke confidently to me about their family. I was engaged. The 4 year old, having had enough of his uncle’s talking, looked up at me, interrupted, and boldly said “We fight!” I was a bit stunned and entered into this conversation tentatively…. “You fight each other?” They both responded with prideful stances and nodded their heads – yes. Remembering where I was, I thought… this is appropriate. “Do you practice fight?” I asked. “Yes. We fight each other!” said the younger round faced boy quickly. “Sometimes we are really mad.” “We yell at each other, too!” He said with impudence.  I could see that these two little guys respected each other. The older one – proud of his family position and spiked hair, the other – bashful, and yet full of self-possessed spunk. I ventured…. “so if someone were to attack either one of you the other one would be right there?” They both looked me in the eye like I had gotten something about them and simultaneously nodded “yes, we would” –


what comes next…..

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Looking over the writing of the past is quite moving. I had forgotten all about blogging after I felt that I had said too much.

I am ready to write again. It’s my birthday – August 13th!

Being born on any day probably isn’t easy. August 13th, or any 13th for that matter, makes for a peculiar person. I love the adjective peculiar, because that describes it perfectly.

I am loving my life.  Sometimes it is so darn hard that I think I will burst from the stress, and then, break through – even more of whatever it is that makes it good. It seems the stress and pain and discomfort are necessary for rebirths to come about. When I am in the middle of it I’ve learned to just wait. I listen and watch, too. Where is the guidance and direction coming from this time? Two days ago I found a dead bird on my lawn – beautiful black and white striped feathers. I picked it up – already rotting on the inside. I placed it in a lovely spot and said good-bye. Next day, my patient has a similar circumstance. I notice the similarity and know that I am always being prepared for what comes next. I pray for that person; imagining clear blue water flowing through the wounds and sending “heart pump” energy.

The “heart pump” is when you get your heart chakra pumping so much that it feels like there is a big funnel of energy spinning above your heart. Eventually, it encompasses your whole  body. Life giving energy!





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Look at these Two Characters.

Notice the content look on her face and the possessive hand through his arm. And, the other hand ~ fingers neatly tucked, and knees together ~ like a nice little contained package. Even the grin is restricted ~ everything held comfortably together. She feels safe and happy.

Look at him: The relaxed smile of contentment beams love and happiness from his face. Clothes a bit crumpled and comfortable. He even wears his Boston Red Sox hat in Europe! He loves his Life. His hand holds the ticket. He takes care of everything.

I looked at this picture quite a few times before I saw the truth of it. Look at the reflection in the glass behind them. It looks to me like they are enjoying going straight to heaven.

Double click on the picture and see the light in her eyes. All good.

Enjoy the ride.

The Shower

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My work takes me into many homes and many Lives.

I met a husband and wife of 62 years. He has dementia and she takes care of him. ~ The scene I walked into was one of her trimming his silver hair like an adoring attendant. I spoke to him – she responded. It took me a while to realize the depth of his dementia – he looked so good and perfectly fit. She, one the other hand, was round, alert and cheerful. I ask lots of questions about everyday things. And, I was getting lots of enthusiastic though common answers. “Can he make up an food for himself? No. I do it.” Can he answer the telephone? No. I do all of the talking. He doesn’t understand very much anymore.”

“How does he bathe? Does he have help?”

Her face lit up – glowing with radiance. “Here is what I do: I take my shower in the morning. I get him undressed and he waits while I shower – big glowing smile. When I am done with myself, I get out and bring him in with me. I love our morning showers.”

Adoration of the Eucharist

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I went to Catholic grammar school.

I sat at the end of the pew – against the comforting, cool wood. I was 5 years old. The Eucharist was on display. I was ablaze with adoration and devotion. It came from within me, with the sight of the radiant Eucharist as provocation.

When first we met, the same feeling drove up from inside of me and flowed over into devotional lovemaking. My eyes closed – I saw the sacred Eucharist as I loving caressed his  penis. We were experiencing divinity together. He saw what I saw – in our mind’s eyes. We would laugh at the fun of having seen the same redheaded girl in the green velvet dress. Or, the same white stallion carrying his champion. I would often see Christ in full radiance. The more we loved the purer the vision became. I can tell when he is about to erupt, because I see The Light coming toward me – brilliance between my brows.

I am a woman of devotion and adoration. If I love you, there is no doubt you have been touched by The Divine.


November 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

She knows so well the true nature of his erotic imagination.       She knows that it is nurtured best by a nuanced gesture and playful glance.

It began with a journey. A pilgrimage into the most guarded places in her lover’s heart, places where desire dwells…the misty, warm ocean of his youth, where first the urge was born, shaped by a ancient force that fixed the route to his hearts desire. She traveled there with him, his timid guidance slowly yielding to her life giving energy. The magical power of courage and trust emboldened him. He revealed the most hidden and tender longings, opening them for the first time to his one great love. Once unnamed, they emerged into a shared life, trembling and so delicate that he was transformed forever. He was newborn. He was hers for the taking.

It is this knowing, these soulful revelations, that she uses in her loving service to him. She gives him gifts he dares not ask for. She honors him with her action, an affirmation that she knows him like no other before.

And so. In Vienna. In a taxi. She lets loose a heart strike of sweet and devilish design. With elegant nonchalance, and the grace of a youthful dancer, she raises her hips and removes her panties. With a gaze so intimate, so full of knowing, that it penetrates unchecked to the very center of his manhood, she presents them as a mythic token of her primal understanding of his most interior self.


Barcelona and Vienna

November 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Candy Store

A Life I Love is happening.

This is how it is working. I meet someone – he asks to meet me. I say “yes.” He asks “Where?” I say “Anywhere in the world.” Next thing you know we are talking about St. Petersburg. I thought it was in Virginia. Little did I know: It is in Russia. Can’t go there need a visa. Where else? Oh,,,, I ‘d love to go to Barcelona. I don’t remember why, but I do remember putting it on top of my list. There is something there I must see.

After a few conversations he sensed that I am not looking for “one man.” I am the one I am looking for. He sadly called and said he could not go – it would be too difficult. All of my momentum was going to Barcelona and Vienna. I called another friend – he said “YES.” I love and admire people who say YES to Life.  We slipped into the exact plans that were being made by gentleman number one. I called and thanked him for getting me rolling even more fully into my Life.

Off we went – tons of luggage. I was thinking glamour at every corner. It turned out I wore the same pair of jeans for seven days straight – same sweater, too. Those two pieces could stand up without a body inside when we got home.

Sagrada Familia

Anyway, Gaudi’s architecture was what I went to Barcelona to see ~ more feel. We went to the cathedral without much preparation. I felt like I was sitting inside of a human body. There were long tendons, muscles and bones hold the body up. There were heart valves adorning the tops of the towers. Turned out to be tree tops with leaves. The glass work was unfinished leaving lots of clear glass – gleaming, streaming clear light. We sat in wonder and amazement.

On the exterior was a collection of numbers: a mystical circle filled with numbers that add up to 33 – the height of human accomplishment – divine compassion and love. It was one of Richard’s major numbers. And, Jason’s too – my son-in-law  who passed two years ago. This piece enthralled me: the 8 was near the 13th – my birthday. The one was near the 14 – my mother’s birthday. The 3 was near the 2 – my friend’s birthday. Many connections caught my eye. And, there are many more to come.

We rode the metro – got lost. Sat in romantic lounges at 4 in the  afternoon – slow danced to old fashioned crooners. Ate tapas – got drunk on wine and vodka and cigarettes. Was that me – running the streets of Barcelona?!

Barcelona lovers from London and Toronto


Barcelona Beauties

The last night we were there we went to a very fine dining establishment. They were still seating people at midnight when we were done. ~~~ At the next table sat three very handsome men. One in particular charmed me. There were  guitar players wandering from table to table. I called them over to play for us – ooooowwww – so good. One of the threesome  started talking in Spanish to the players. Before I realized what was happening they were playing and he was singing to ME! What a blast – Oh yes, and we acted so dignified. When I got into the cab after the meal, I saw a sweet little smile cross the face of the cabby. He had caught a glimpse  of the intimate Julie Thompson.

Off to Vienna – completely different. I could wear my dresses and heels and gems and fur. Taxi! Take us to The Grand before the Mozart concert. PLUSH! Velvet couches, coffee tables, velvet drapes. Sushi and Martinis for us, please.

After the concert – back to The Grand. We sat in the upper private parlor this time. Oh, and I think I recall my panties coming off in the cab ~ I had on a flowing black crepe short dress with lovely rhinestones around my wrist and neck. We sat. A tall older very interesting man came over and said to me “Don’t I know you? We have met before.” Of course, I immediately thought it was some spiritual connection. It turned out he is Ernst Fuchs (artist – saw his work the next day at the museum). We spent the entire night with he and his woman – until the lights in the parlor started flickering at 3 AM.

The next night we walked through the carnival to the Beer Garden. I ate fried ham. Let me repeat that! I ATE FRIED HAM. It was delicious. I didn’t die or even get one pimple. My body is loving Life too much to care about fat, salt and cream sauces.